About Us

Founded in Malaysia in 2013, HQ Wood Sdn. Bhd. is selling high-quality, eco-friendly composite decking, outdoor flooring, ceilings, wall panels, walls, pergolas, railings, fences and sheds. Our products are suitable for families, and installers.

Our team carefully select the highest quality products with excellence in safety, comfort, and convenience so as to promote the continuous improvement of human living environment, lifestyle and create a better life. We commit in our materials, products and solutions with customer-centric services that are giving our clients peace of minds and confidence. Our company’s products are widely used in “building engineering, landscape, interior decoration, industrial products” and other industries and fields.

Benefits To Our Customers

Beautiful Aesthetics
Natural Feel
Quality Work
Creative Solution
Fast Response
Flexible Contract
Customised Design


For Homeowners, we are able to make the relaxation place for your families and it’s perfect for all ages of them. Function of slip-free, hard-wearing and stain-resistant, HQ Wood products are built to withstand the weather, garden parties and padding pools for years to come.


For Installers, we are able to help you to provide bespoke garden design with our fencing, decking and garden rooms. It’s available in a variety of colours which are easy to customize your own style based on your design and lifestyle.

Addon Services

We also provide customized designs / profiles / colors molding and components upon our most valuable customers’ demand. OEM services are available too.

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