Comparison amongst materials in the market
We offer the best materials and products.
Product Category Abrasion Water/Corrosion Resistance Flameproof Stain Content of Formaldehyde Anti-Pets Decorative Effects Economical
HQ Wood Good Excellent Good Good No Excellent Excellent Good
Plank / Plywood Average Poor Poor Good High Poor Excellent Average
Wallpaper Average Poor Poor Good High Good Good Good
Paint Poor Poor Good Average High Excellent Average Good
Ceramic Tiles Good Excellent Excellent Excellent Low Excellent Good Good
Laminated Flooring Excellent Poor Average Excellent High Average Good Good
Gypsum Material Poor Poor Excellent Poor ... Excellent Average Excellent
PE Board Average Excellent Poor Average Medium Excellent Average Excellent
MDF Particleboard Veneer Average Poor Poor Average High Poor Good Excellent
SOURCE: HQ View Sdn Bhd